Monday, December 26, 2011

Pat’s Diner

While birding for the Newburyport Christmas Bird Count, Mark and I made our traditional stop at Pat’s Diner (formerly Ann’s Diner) in Salisbury MA for breakfast.  One of the things I look forward during our annual stop is chatting with the owner, Pat.  She is such a gracious woman and during our conversation, she told us that this might be her last year at the diner.  At the age of 81 (you would never know it!), Pat is finally ready to retire.  Knowing how much we enjoy her diner, and the food, she gave us this wonderful print that was painted by Don Sawyer of W. Brattleboro, VT!  I was so honored to receive the print and will miss Pat and her diner the next time we are Christmas Bird Counting in the Salisbury area. 

For you diner history buffs, I found this information on the National Register of Historic Places (NHRP) web site:  Ann's Diner was added to the NHRP in 2003 (#03001264) and it’s also known as the Worcester Lunch Car Company Diner #824.  Its historic significance is “event, architecture/engineering” and the architect, builder, or engineer was the Worcester Lunch Car Company.  The area and period of significance is “commerce, architecture” from 1950-1974 and its historic and current function is “commerce/trade, restaurant”.    

This bit of history is from the Pat’s Diner take-out menu:

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