Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fly Tying with Mike Martinek

Today Mark and I spent the day tying streamer flies with Master Fly Tyer, Mike Martinek, Jr.  Mike is internationally known for his exquisitely tied flies, especially streamers flies.  He has written several books: Streamer Fly Patterns for Casting and Trolling - Originals and a Few Others Volume 1 (1993, Mordax Publishing) and Volume 2 (2000, A PP & MM Production) and has a video: Classic Maine Streamers with Mike Martinek Jr. - Hooked on Fly Tying Video Series (1999, Bennett-Watt Media).  

This is the second class I have taken with Mike and today we tied Autumn Fury, Blue Aurora, Jungle Jim (no photo - just as well though - it was not pretty!), and Dave Garcia Smelt flies.

Autumn Fury

The first step of tying a fly is attaching thread to the hook.

Then you add successive layers of material to build your fly...

... Until your fly is finished.

Blue Aurora

Building the fly.



Dave Garcia Smelt

The Master!

Here is Mike with the files he tied during the class.

His fly tying work is beautiful! 

My flies do not compare to Mike's but that’s why he is the Master.

Tight Lines!