Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wild Mountain Blueberry Picking

One of things Mark and I like to do in late July is hike up Piper Mountain in New Hampshire to pick wild mountain blueberries! A friend introduced us to Piper Mountain a long time ago and we have been making the trek up ever since to pick blueberries.

This is the type of habitat where the blueberries grow.

Mark is hard at work picking blueberries.

We once met a seasoned Piper Mountain blueberry picker who was using a set up like this to pick her blueberries. I like using it because once draped around your neck your container is always close by, when you bend over it’s close to the ground, and it also allows you to have both hands free so you can pick more blueberries!

This year’s crop was bountiful!

When you are picking wild mountain blueberries you spend a lot time looking at the ground but in this habitat there is a lot to look at.

So as you work towards filing your container with blueberries your senses are never idle.

The fruits of my labor!

There is always a beautiful view to take in on your way up and back down the mountain.

We picked 11 cups of blueberries during this trip! I froze much of our bounty and will remember this day when we take them out during the winter to make blueberry pancakes and bake blueberry breads.


  1. wonderful spot with a bonus :)

  2. You picked 11 cups of blueberries - how many were CONSUMED in the process...?


  3. All were consumed - I hope to get back up there again this year!